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An impromptu ride on the Rio Guayas

The day started as I hope many more will: with a culinary adventure.  Rodrigo had prepared for us frozen sliced prickly pears and boiled bananas.

Our fruit collection shrinks and grows from morning to night; as we taste and experiment in the morning, we purchase new and exotic flavors at the markets for the days to come.

At noon, we returned to the recently renovated FEEP where we were hoping to start recreating photos.

They have an excellent collection of old train parts grouped into rusting piles, as well as a number of trains on display.

It was difficult to determine if this was the original train shop from the old photos, especially since so many of the photos were taken from the water. We hiked to a nearby bridge to see if we could recognize the landscape, but it was hard to make a definitive conclusion. Rodrigo, though, being a man of crafty ways, started signalling to fishing boats to pull over. After a few men passed, staring at us like the crazy people that we are, one boat turned around to pick us up.

We spent an hour circling around the Rio Guayas, between Guayaquil and Durán, and were able to find the exact angles at which the original photos were taken.

We were also able to find four more locations from the old photos. It was a great chance to scout some shots for later.

Tomorrow morning we will meet up with the fisherman again for a couple hours at sunrise to recreate photos and take a scenic ride on the Guayas.

We disembarked a few towns down from the car and wandered for a bit, pleased with our good fortune. The town felt a little sketchy, so we hitched a ride back to Durán in the back of a Policia pick-up truck. From there, we returned to Yaguachi to recreate two more photos. The first photo was of the old train station, which has since been completely renovated and is in great condition. It will make a good comparison to 1901. We bribed a dozen drunk men to stand on the platform in exchange for a cheap bottle of Whiskey. They were very happy to oblige and danced through most of the process.

And to wrap it all up, we finished the day with a round of hot grilled corn and plantains on sticks.

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