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May the iguanas multiply

Once upon a time and far, far away in another world, iguanas ruled the land, the sea, and the sky. Iguanas big and small crawled along the grass and fought over leafy cabbage and fruits; iguanas scurried up the breadfruit trees and hung from the branches like heavy fruits; iguanas leapt through the air, claws spread, to land on one another and mate.

This is not a fairy tale. IguanaLandia actually exists – at the Park of the Iguanas, or Seminario Park, in steamy Guayaquil, Ecuador. There, resident iguanas have been fruitful and multiplied and taken over the land, the trees, the water fountain, the sky.

This big fellow is Iguana No. 99 – marked by the Iguana Doctor, who oversees their health. No. 99 mostly just sits around making sure everyone else minds their own business. He prefers sunny days and he especially likes to eat cabbage.

Because iguanas love to hang in the trees, one would be wise to walk the park under an umbrella, and because the critters are EVERYWHERE, it would be wise to watch where one steps. The creatures have claws and don’t take kindly to being stepped on. They even have their own Iguana Police to watch over them, and make sure children don´t chase them and people don´t take them home and boil them up for dinner.

Long live the iguanas in IguanaLandia!

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