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The Big Dig: Day Two

We were back at work in the American Cemetery early in the morning in eager anticipation of what the day might reveal.

Sandy worked out a deal to buy a brick pigpen with corrugated tin roof built on top of the old cemetery site. The resident pigs were moved up the railway tracks a ways, and a hammer and some heavy kicking made quick work of the structure.

Before continuing, a shaman blessed the cemetery, the backhoe, the Huigra folks, and us, to cleanse any negative energy.

We found three more graves — two unmarked and one of a 10-year-old child who died in 1929.

As the light of day was fading, we uncovered a large intact cross. Attempts to dig it out of the hillside with pick, shovel and machete failed, so we tied a rope from cross to backhoe and began pulling with mechanical strength. Success!

Once the backhoe lifted the cross out of the ditch, it took four men to move it to our safe area, by the light of the machinery.

Even though we haven’t found the Major yet, we have positively identified the American Cemetery and uncovered seven graves. Tomorrow we will return to the site for Day Three.

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