FEEP Guides at Urbina Station on the old G&Q Railway line, Ecuador

FEEP Guides at Urbina Station on the old G&Q Railway line, Ecuador

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  1. KAREN says:

    Hola Sam fue una experiencia muy agradable je je je je y harto frio por alla jejej. gracias por la foto con mi compañero Fernando en la estación de Yaguachi esperamos verte pronto por aca. un abrazo y exitos.

  2. Isabel, Paul, Santiago says:


    We are the guides of Riobamba’station. Share with you, it was a very emotional experience, because we could learn more about of the true railway history and also give it the value it deserves.
    We liked the photo, is it possible you send us the original pictures of that day?.. And also, Devil Nose pictures in the time of the construction?

    Thank you very much for your help and time for us.

    Dear Friends…


    Is@, paul & santiago

  3. Katharine says:

    Hi! We’ll post some more of the FEEP guide photos for you on the blog. Let us know if you want yours sent as a larger file to you personally in your email (send your email address).
    Sandy is returning to Ecuador soon – perhaps he’ll get to see you! He will be traveling with Rodrigo Donoso.

  4. Isabel says:

    Hi Katharine

    Always it’s a pleasure to know about you, Sandy and all your family.
    We continue reliving the history of our Ecuadorian train, even more in the restored track of the Devil’s Nose, because Paul, Santiago and me are working in this route since february 2011, and as guides, we explain to the world how was possible build this railway with the effort, hard work, suffering and even the death of a lot people.
    It’s very special tell the people about the existence of the Harman’s Brothers and what importat they were for get the dream of that time and still today.
    I saw sometimes to Sandy and Rodrigo walking along the railway G&Q, in the train, at Alausi city, always I wish the best for them and their greats adventures.
    And me, I am working over a thesis of Huigra, it has touristic meaning, but for me it’s very important revitalize the railway history, so, also I write about your experience looking for the cemetery and the Majors Harman’s grave. I think thats is very very very important conserve this memory for the town in fact for all the country.
    I hope you and your family are ok, a lot of happiness and for Sandy that continues fighting for his dreams and projects.

    My best regards

    Alausí – Ecuador

  5. 9zRb2d I value the blog.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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